Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We had quite a startling weekend here at the store. After the Durham, Chapel Hill and multi-county Herald Sun Article broke on thursday we were seeing folks come from all directions. So when Marcia and Henry showed from Fearrington Village I was not at all surprised.

It was Saturday, a nasty wet and cold beginning to a nasty wet and cold weekend. Marcia, a big city foodie with a philanthropic soul, has been an ardent supporter since Dan Fairris and I opened the short-lived Fowlers in Fearrington. She was one of the first in Fearrington to catch wind that I was at the Marketplace in Chatham. Marcia and Henry attended my cooking classes and the wine and food dinners there faithfully. Needless to say i was happy to see Marcia peer over our specials menu board to give me a jibe.

We were slammed at the time and so I lost track of her for a few minutes while I wondered what she might order and how gently brutal she may be with her assessment. Next thing I know someone is yelling call 911.

As I made it to her side she was just coming to. She was bloodied and confused from the fall after fainting. It all turned surreal. My head hurt and I was having trouble functioning on the stove-top. Wondering, feeling a concussive headache and sick to my stomach, we pushed on with another busy and precious day.

If anyone has heard about Marcia please contact us here at the store.


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