Thursday, February 26, 2009

And now the Herald Sun

The good people of the Herald Sun have produced a dandy article chronicling our efforts. We would like to get as many versions as there are of this article. My mom thanks you as do we.


  1. Had another amazing dinner Sunday night, didn't feel like cooking on the way to work, yada, yada... Anyway got the eggplant provencale and croissant!!! Wow. My gold standard for croissants is Pikes market-Seattle and I usually don't even bother-but I'm glad I did, it was on the same level!!! And the guys always seem to take such care with the food they cook-unusual for chefs, extraordinary in saxapahaw!
    We try to buy local but it is hard with the limited offerings of Alamance county of the past. Thanks for saving me multiple trips to Chapel Hill-I always forget something or end up with many extra teenagers at the house-they travel in herds.
    Remind me to get a case of my fav wine next time I'm in-keep forgetting-usually zipping in/out.
    Melissa of Lyn and Melissa (I'm the quiet one who can't get a word in edgewise)

  2. Thank you. I just showed this to the boys and they beamed! The bakers also thank you for your comment about the croissants. It is this kind of feedback and encouragement that ensures our sustainability.