Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It has been quite a ride for the last month. First were the Paperhand Puppet shows in successive weekends, and then the Burlington Times story broke about our humble little endeavor. We have been plastered with folks, and we have been seeing return visitors from both exposures. Now, here we are at home for two days in a row taking care of things and getting some rest and spending some warm time with my mom and her husband (and my friend) John.

John has come down to see our doctor after being run through the conventional medicine ringer. His deterioration has been reversed since visiting here with Dr. Mark over the last few weeks, and he is well on his way to a full mending.

When we met our friends Doug and Claire at the Lantern last night for dinner, we got a sweet parking spot because of the handicapped parking sticker on John and Mom's vehicle. John exclaimed he was happy to say that privilege will pass soon, as he'll be too mobile to need the thing.

I can't say enough about what Dr. Mark Eisen has done for my dear 77-year-old friend. Suffice it to say he has a new lease on life where hope had been lost. Cameron and I have been in much need of some recuperative time as well, and John's patient and committed effort to get well based on his treatment regimen has inspired us to do the same.

Next, though, we'll be readying for a new and busy weekend, as the Chapel Hill Herald will soon display their own article on this strange effort to which we and you are giving life. Look for another expansion to our menu that will extend the dinner menu again. We are rested and ready and inspired by our friend John and my grateful mother. Menu additions begin this Friday.



  1. Jeff, I am one of your regular sandwich customers, in fact I'm eating one right now! I get them at Harry's Market at White Cross. I'd like to make a suggestion. Please email me: christine.cabot@edtsi.com Thanks.

  2. I'd like to suggest a vegetarian sandwich with fresh veggies. I like to roasted sammy, however, I was in the other day and wanted to veggies from the roast beast sand sans beast.

    How about a Babbettes Feast? (sp?) That little restaurant on Rosemary that I can't think of name of right now, had one in the late 80's that has always stuck in my mind. Spring is coming would be a great time for a revised version-"Saxapahaw style" on the new outdoor patio! melissa brasington

  3. Yes! on the feasts idea. We have been knocking around many versions. We do a crunchy veg wrap in warm weather months. Happy to do that anytime on a wrap or any kind of bread with or without hummus and with or without feta or your choice of cheese.